At Ambiance, Guinot treatments are provided exclusively by experienced and specially trained beauty therapists.  Consultations  with each client provide customized regimens to identify the target areas and give those areas more attention for VISIBLE RESULTS after the 1st treatment.
Maximum Effect Therapies

Hydradermie Series
4 Hydradermie Treatments.   540

Hydradermie Lift Series
4 Hydradermie Lift Treatments.   580

Liftosome Series
3 Liftosome plus one Hydradermie.   405

Beauté Neuve Series
Series of 3 Beauté Neuve Treatments for an anti-pigmentation or lightening effect.  Removes dead cells and helps the skin to fully breathe again.   405

Aromatic Series
Series of 3.   405

Quicklift Series.  Lifestyle Series
Consult your beauty therapist for a series that maximizes treatment benefits and fits your busy schedule.

Eye-Lift Series
Series of 4.   320

add FIRMING EYE SERUM to any treatment    20

 Ambiance                                                                                                                       Luxurious Youthful  Skin Care
A combination of advanced scientific technology and the skills of a highly trained aesthetician together produce the ultimate in treatments, the Hydradermie Facial. This unique treatment incorporates the use of mild galvanic currents, nourishing gels and massage for total rejuvenation of the complexion. At Ambiance, anti-wrinkle eye and neck firming is an essential part of every Hydradermie treatment.

Recognizing the skin as a living organ, this facial was developed to help it live and age better. Offered in the United States only by aestheticians who have been trained at Guinot headquarters in New York and Los Angeles.   145

plus Décolleté   175

Hydradermie             Hydradermie Lift                 Liftosome            Beaute Neuve             Aromatic              Men's Services                   Maximum Effect Therapies
Properties and Benefits of the Hydradermie Treatment w/ Hydra Plus

  • Deep Cleansing from the use of Sodium Acid Carbonate, which is contained in most Hydradermie gels  

  • Penetration of active skincare ingredients and trace elements contained in the Hydradermie gels. 

  • Hydration of the epidermis by Sodium Lactate, a powerful active moisturizing ingredient, helps improve the hydration of the outer layers of the epidermis. It strengthens cell cohesion while penetrating between the epidermic cells, thus helping improve the skin’s moisture retention. 

   Oxygenation/Purification (Oxygenating Emulsion Oz2 w/ essential oils)

  • Improved Microcirculation: Essential oils create hyperemia, which improves intercellular exchanges, thereby increasing tissue oxygenation and toxin elimination, reducing stress. 

  • Antiseptic and Bactericide Action: Another effect of essential oils combined with the oxygen found in oxygenating emulsion is microbial oxidation, and thus, a purification of the skin.

Hydradermie.  The Star Treatment
Hydradermie Lift Rejuvenating - Lifting 
The Secrets Behind the Treatment

Lymph Drainage:  As the beauty therapist expertly moves the roller balls over the face, tension is visibly eased, microcirculation improves.

Muscle Stimulation.  During this phase, the muscles are gently exercised to regain volume and tone, and the features are relaxed.

The Modeling Massage.  The beauty therapist completes the treatment with a modeling massage to nourish, revitalize, firm, and tone the skin.  

Visible results after the first treatment without injection!  

The Youth RevolutionWith age and fatigue, the contours of the face become heavier and less defined, and signs of aging appear on the face. Until now, lifting treatments acted only on the skin’s structure. Today, HYDRADERMIE LIFT  works by stimulating the facial muscles and reactivating cellular activity for a lifting effect on the features. At the end of the treatment, your face looks smoother and firmer.    160
Hydradermie Lift Extensive.   Maximum Effect
HYDRADERMIE LIFT plus full HYDRADERMIE for maximum effect.   195

Hydradermie Lift Yeux.  Youthful Eye   
For younger looking eye contours, your beauty therapist offers an effective, gentle solution. With HYDERMIE LIFT YEUX, we specifically work the muscles around the eyes (the orbiculars) to tone them and give them new firmness.  After the first session, fine lines fade, crows feet are smoothed and the eyes look younger.   85
Liftosôme.  Lifting-Energizing         
Reverse the signs of fatigue for a youthful glow 

The LIFTOSÔME Treatment restores radiance and vitality with:

  • Pro Collagen Concentrate.  Promotes and preserves skin's elasticity.

  • ThermoLift Masque.  Gentle heat generated by the Masque encourages the diffusion of the active ingredients. As it solidifies, the mask has an instant tightening action.

  • Anti-age Serum.  Applied with a gentle effleurage massage at the end of the treatment, the active ingredients smooth the features and oxygenate the skin cells for a firming effect.

The LIFTOSÔME treatment is recommended as an intensive treatment or in combination with the Hydradermie or the Beaute Neuve treatment.
Immediate firming of the facial and neck contours is achieved with this treatment. The depth of fine lines and wrinkles are filled up with a vitamin-enriched serum, collagen stimulants, and a ThermoLift Masque to regenerate your skin's firmness.  

To energize, tighten and firm the skin, your beauty therapist applies a cocktail of: 

  • Vitamin E, Vitamin F and Vitamin C to stimulate and invigorate

  • Hydraluronic Acid to moisturize

  • Soya Extract to stimulate synthesis of collagen fibers

  • Horsetail Extract to help restructure the elastic fibers 

  • Liftiline to begin the tightening effect
Results:  Effects are immediate with skin visibly enhanced at its conclusion.  The LIFTOSÔME facial acts on two levels: vertically for a firming action, and horizontally to tighten the skin.  At the end of the treatment, you'll be delighted to see that your face looks younger, firmer, and more relaxed.   145
Beauté Neuve.  Double Peeling, Cell Renewal
The exceptional power of pure Vitamin C! 

Vitamin C peel reduces dullness, pigmentation, sun damage, and brown spots. This treatment gently removes the damaged surface layers of  skin, revealing a more youthful and radiant complexion.  

Results achieved with:
  • DOUBLE PEELING: PEEL’IN gel with Fruit Acids separates the dead cells from the healthy ones and the PEEL’OUT mousse gently exfoliates the dead cells away to restore radiance of new skin.  
  • DERMANOVE: Auto cellular regeneration increased by the exfoliating action.
  • CLARIMASQUE: Made of pure concentrated Vitamin C, the lightening anti-pigmentation mask completes the treatment, restores the skin’s radiance, lightens pigmentation marks, and regenerates the elastin fibers.

New skin radiates beauty.  Beauté Neuve Double Peeling Treatment with Fruit acids, Glycolic Acids and Pure Vitamin C Treatment for Youth, Radiance and Anti-pigmentation.  This unique facial is designed to remove or minimize imperfections and bring the skin back to a renewed beauty and luminosity.

Anti-aging cell renewal, anti-pigmentation actions.  
This renewing peeling treatment is one of the most effective ways to enhance cellular renewal. The peel side of the facial is made from fruit enzymes. This removes superfluous cells, unclogs the epidermis and helps the skin to breath again.

For all skin types
Aromatic.  The Magic of Plants 

Designed to address specific needs of your skin. Our facials are customized after a thorough skin analysis. We address congested oiliness, razor bumps and/or skin pigmentation, dryness, and sun damage. The Tres Homme Facial utilizes high grade skincare products formulated specifically for a man’s skin and lifestyle.  Intended to rid the skin of blackheads, ingrown hairs and roughness, the Tres Homme facial has been tremendously successful at 
treating the most common male skin conditions, and is appropriate to treat all skin types. Consult your beauty therapist
for a personalized regimen.   145

Pure and Powerful The pure essence of plants are used on your skin to detoxify, decongest, balance oiliness, and nourish dry skin.  Anti-inflammatory essences calm  redness and stimulating oils invigorate tired skin.  Customized to your specific skin needs to benefit everyone.  Nature has created medicinal plants that have healed people for over 10,000 years.  And it is from nature that Guinot draws the plant concentrates and essential oils that make the skin more beautiful and radiant in this customized facial.         
For all skin types
More beautiful with essential oils and pressure point massage.  When you enter the treatment room, the welcoming fragrance of the essential oils beckons you on a beautiful voyage.   Relax and surrender yourself to the expert hands of your beauty therapist who completes the treatment with a masque tailor-made for your skin's needs.  Your beauty therapist will select the specific plant extracts and essential oils to create the ideal treatment for your skin type.  145
The "Pick-Me-Up" Treatment

  • Sensitive: Counteract redness, soothe, and repair   
  • Tired: Fight stress-caused conditions; stimulate, and bring a new radiance 
  • Aging: Combat wrinkles and lack of tone, regenerate cellular activity  
  • Dry: Moisturizing, softening and reducing tautness.  
  • Oily: Normalize oil production, reduce shine, serve astringently against infection, and purify and clarify
The Secrets Behind the Treatment

Pressure Point Massage.  The beauty therapist focuses on the pressure points in rhythm with your breathing, which relaxes your features and releases tension.

Essential Oils.  Under the expert touch of the beauty therapist, the essential oils diffuse their beneficial energy in an atmosphere of therapeutic fragrances.

Customized Plant Concentrate Masque.  Your Guinot beauty expert customizes the treatment results by carefully selecting the perfect blend of plant concentrates in a refreshing peel-off masque.
Men's Services. Tres Homme
Tres Homme treatments include the following active ingredients:

   * Allantoin

   * Vitamin E

   * Menthol

   * Witch Hazel

   * Coconut Extract

   * Birch Extract 
Hydradermie DL Extensive.  Healthful Glow  
HYDRADERMIE plus Detoxifying lymph drainage.  Immediate luminosity as a result of purification.   195
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Liftosôme Extensive.   Time Reversal    
Intensive Lifting Vitamin C Masque and In-depth Anti-wrinkle Massage with Procollagen Serums.   185

Beauté Neuve Extensive.   Ultimate Luminosity
8-12 Treatments, includes 2-3 Hydradermies. Consult your beauty therapist for a personalized regimen.   185